Cheaters Kirsten Malaire Crosby

Kirsten Malaire Crosby — Bartow, Florida

This sorry trailer trash goes by the name kat or gypsy.  Shes a full time stripper that makes a majority of her money having sex and giving blowjobs in the private rooms of the club (showgirls, plant city, fl) she works at.  Now besides her actual career choice this garbage has found it completely okay to repeatedly contact her ex that she has a restraining order against.  She uses the restraining order as a way to get him to do whatever she wants him to.  And ever since she has found out he was with someone else she has called him none stop until it caused serious problems in his current relationship.  Once she found the out he was single she got a friend of hers involved to get him to actually show up where she was so she could finally see him and play her little evil mind games until he finally bent to her will and they had sex. Ever since she has using the restraining order as a way to control him, but what she didnt expect was for him to get back with his ex and for her to get ahold of her personally and confront her about the 2yrs of her sick childish games. Ever since shes been nice a quite because she never knows when the records of her violating the restraining order will be handed over to the police.