Cheaters Kira Gnapp

Kira Gnapp — Wichita, Kansas

Let me first begin with who has a name like Kira Sky? Is that a strippers name? When I came to find out about this woman it was too late. This woman destroyed my life. She was showing homes to my husband and seduced my husband. She ended up sleeping with him and convincing him to divorce me all while she was talking to another guy. My husband got what he deserved! When she was through with him and his money he ended up dumping him for another guy. He came back crying asking me to forgive him. I hate the thought of my husband cheating on me with some girl. I guess her husband is in prison for some bad stuff. Who wouldn’t feel bad for her right? Well, now shes just using other guys. We even saw her on a date with another guy one night. We think she has different aliases as well. She moves a lot so we can’t tell who she really is. All we know is she is not trustworthy and she goes around selling houses to men and she sleeps with them. We know she lies a lot and she has been in a lot of troubled relationships. I just want all of the Wichita ladies to be careful when you let this sloot show your husbands your next home. She will try to sleep with them! From what I have gathered she is can’t pay her bills. She owes us so much money! I can’t even stand to look at my husband as he works hard for his money but she took so much of ours. She is despicable! She is a home wrecker.