Cheaters Kimberly Kerwin

Kimberly Kerwin – Florida

I am appaulled by this person because I met her months ago and she seemed so innocent, so beautiful, but after months of trying, I realized she never wanted anything to do with me and she lied to me…I was promised that she wanted to spend her life with me and that she wanted to move in with me and have a baby with me, all to find out that she was hung up on her ex husband and she was taking birth control…f****** liar!!! All she does is break up with me and make me chase her, only to end up dumping me cause she is bi polar. What a dramatic douche!! I was lied to, used and made a fool for believing her!! I deserve so much better and she knows I was burned by the last gf, but all she did was use that against me. The dump jerk works next door to me, so I have to see her alot and it kills me to know she left me for her ex husband. The same guy who tried to kill her a couple of years ago and was sentenced to prison. The day he was released from prison after christmas, she left me than to be with him. Also, now that he is settled down out of jail, she has contacted him and now im learning she is with him…what a f****** idiot I am…she is a user, liar and she deserves that piece of s***. She lost a great man!!