Cheaters Kimberly Hensley Hernandez

Kimberly Hensley Hernandez — Elkhart, Indiana

I was nine months pregnant when my husband’s co-worker thought it would be fun to try and sleep with my Husband because she likes the thrill. At the same time she tried to be my friend. She sent him naked pics of herself. My husband is loyal to me so he told me and showed me the pics. This psychotic sperm whale tried her hardest to get him into bed with her. I had to wait until after I gave birth to my son and I confronted the cunt and told her if she ever came around my family again I would knock out. This sick bitch makes a game out of fucking any man “secretly” but all of Northern Indiana knows she’s a nasty whore. I was PREGNANT for God sake’s and trying to make me her friend while “secretly” sending my husband god awful, fat, nasty photos of herself. Dumb bitch set up email with the photos. I deleted the account AFTER I saved all the pics for some sweet revenge and to tell and show the world about this sick, pathetic, person.