California Kimberlee Montgomery

Kimberlee Montgomery – San Jose, California

this little slootty likes to travel to San Jose with her friend Courtney Boule to get gang banged by dudes at Players Ink tattoo. She likes to harass them and then gaslight them when they ignore her and try to act like she’s the victim. She will send nudes and then immediately after send threatening messages. She fuking the MARRIED owner of the shop Ralph, and was fuking around with two other dudes from the shop as well, Adrian and Josh. Then when they want nothing to do with her she tries to get fuked by their friends in the shop in front of them to piss them off. Word on the street is she has drds and has had the drd twice, but likes to assure these guys that she’s on the pill so they will raw dog her. All the while she herself has a boyfriend. She has also been known to show up at the places of business of these dudes girlfriends to harass them when they have done absolutely nothing to her and are unaware of who she is. Did I mention she started doing this when she was 18? And most of these guys are at least mid 30’S. She is still under 21 and still shows up and gets wasted and parades around in little to no clothing. B1tch needs rehab, and Jesus.