Cheaters Kimberlee Annmarie Donofrio

Kimberlee Annmarie Donofrio – Connecticut

All that will be written about Kimberlee A Donofrio is fact and public record. Let’s start off by stating the above mentioned is bipolar, pathological liar, delusional, and psychotic. The constant postings on websites no one has ever heard of until now. Constantly stating it’s being staked. My reference to IT is due to an actual sane person knows when to stop. A romp with a married man is just that. Not a relationship there was no lying or cheating. What part of NO ONE cares or believes you don’t you get?? Your imaginary friends. You have no friends. The police in Middletown CT call you nuts. The Court in Meriden stated the same. Kimberlee is a creep that does not understand the simplicity of fact. Now there are claims of pregnancy by whom could be from anyone. And again there never was and NEVER will be any communications or acknowledgment of any kind. Continue and the authorities will be notified. You Kimmy are as low and anyone can get. Talking about someone’s children.. Loser PLEASE TAKE YOUR MEDS. And if you are pregnant with twins hahaha KARMA! Double downs!