Canada Kim Stern

Kim Stern — Calgary, Canada

This is free loading Kim Stern. If you have something to give her or she knows you have some money in your pocket she will be your best friend, call you sister, have sex with you, tell you positive things about yourself until the money runs out and then she is on to the next faucet that she can drink from. She checks your social media page to see if you have money and then butters up to you to go buy the “Winners” junk in her store that she claims to design, but she doesn’t. She’s all talk. Most of it lies. She will tell you that she has connections. Most of those connections don’t speak to her and understand what she is about. She owns a clothing store in Calgary that doesn’t do well. She doesn’t even show up for work she is so in debt, uses money that is owed to employees for their hourly pay checks to go on self discovery vacations to Asia and thinks there is nothing wrong with that because she’s nice to their face and calls them a “sister”. People, this girl is a user, a total flake and out to get anything she can from men or women with money. All her plastic surgeries she hustled for free, none of those doctors talk to her anymore. You can find her at charity events, that she gives nothing to not even purchases a ticket. She is just there to be your next charity to give to. She will tell you about the universe and how she’s aligned. Warning! She is a fraud! Keep your hands in your pocket while having Kim Stern in the building! …and I didn’t even begin on her drug habits