Canada Kim Labine

Kim Labine – Canada

Wow this is Kim labine. . Now I know this story makes me look stupider than she slutty, but when a woman owns your heart you want to believe them . Now this is Kim Labine ,she’s been posted here before and on so.e other similar sites.

She is a very messed up girl needs someone I. Her bed every night . Her poor kids da have scene so much which is so sad cause she is like this cause of her own mother . When she gets caught she puts on the water works and blames it all on her childhood and the things her parents uses to do to her. I fell for this girl hard because she came into my life when my dad just passed in. House fire . Her husband was one of the firefighters Athens scene and because he left his sons Christmas party to go try a d save m dad she started having an affair with me. Everytime she gets caught with me she makes up stories like I kdnapoed her or threatened her ,really trying to make me look crazy ,it’s insane . She can be so convincing I always thing she’s gunna change I swear her and her friends all have a real good laugh about it. She makes post on social media that make things obvious but than denies it was her Everytime.e