Cheaters Kim Chapetta Curran

Kim Chapetta Curran – Kentucky

2 years, my “best friend”…. Took my girls on a “girls day out” all the time while I was on the forefront of building a new home… Amazing how Kim came over every day to see how I was doing! RIGHT….. She was checking on every bit of the home that she thought she would be living in! Kim has 2 boys and a husband and that was certainly not enough…. She “stalked” my husband for 2 years and @#$%^& him in every spot in Lake Forest available to them….This was all admitted, by my husband during our divorce proceedings… I approached Kim’s husband, prior to all of the court issues, and and told him of my suspicions, but he did not want to believe it….He is one of those muscle guys and thinks his body is all his wife wants….unfortunately his mistake was that his wife wanted a fat wallet! Chris showed up at a Halloween party, at LFCC as a “one night stand,” in front of my children, and all of the other families…..EVERYONE knew what the meaning was…. The affair went on for 2 years and she even tried to attack me for not being kind to her parents, after I found out about the affair! Kim’s husband, Chris Curran, threatened me constantly about bringing the truth to the forefront! Eventually, they moved because of Kim and her affair with Dan….I hope that all the cheaters in the world are paid back! For those of us that give our lives to our families and in the belief that one affair is all there is, is wrong! Dan has cheated for over 11 years of our marriage and now I look stupid!