Cheaters Kiley Quadrozzi

Kiley Quadrozzi — Chicago, Illinois

This Sloot KILEY ALLYN QUADROZZI is from Boston she moved to Chicago some years back to study film at Columbia College Chicago where all she did was party drink and do Ecstasy and pepsi, she failed out of school and ended up working as a part time waitress at Applebees. I recently found out this home-wrecking slore was sleeping with my sisters boyfriend which is my nephews father, we confronted Kiley Quadrozzi and told her that he was taken and she told us she doesn’t care and she will continue “to get that BBC anytime she wants” this girl has no morals or respect for herself or anyone else. I guess she is attempting to be a real estate broker now since her acting and modeling career failed! She would have a better chance at being a low rate porn star, stay away from this floozy she ruins families and we also hear she may have DRD