California Kevin Omalley

Kevin Omalley – California

I’ve been dating this guy since sepetmber..exclusively. I have had some health issues and he has been there..filling my head with I love you..I’ll always be there..we will move in together. All the things a woman wants to hear. Right around Christmas they had a work party I knew he was going too..before he left he texted me to tell me he loves me..and I tried to text him at response..then found out on facebook he was tagged in a girls post tgat they went to a movie together. I screenshotted it and sent it to him..he begged me not to leave him..he said they were friends..I hadn’t let him meet my daughter’s yet for a good reason..but my daughter’s have contacted him bevause of my medical issues..and he told them he loved me and would always be there and not hurt me..Come to find out after our first time last week. .starting weds he started being cold to me and my I did some exploring after I got released from tje hospital. .he has been trying to get with this other girl that I emailed yo ask questions yesterday. He has been flirting with her..bought her flowers they kissed..while he was telling me he loved me and being with me. I confronted him today and wow he was,pissed and deleted me on facebook..and I am beyond pissed..I’m tired of women being hurt..he knew I’ve been threw alot of bad things and he has,too..but to do this isn’t cool at all..I want his name out thete and his picture so other women don’t go threw this:( Please help me with this!!! His name is Kevin Omalley. ..lives in citrus heights at VW in roseville..ladies please be careful..he will sucker you and your kids in