Cheaters Kevin Faragher

Kevin Faragher — Denver, Colorado

After nearing 14 years, my wife accidentally left her iwatch sitting around. Last few weeks has been extremely rough for us both. We have fought, and we have separated to the point of me on the couch while she is on the bed. I have woken up and when going past the bedroom I have noticed her constantly on her facebook. She kept telling me it was her friends that she was talking to. Mind you I haven’t gotten to where we have three kids together and I am doing my best to hold everything together for them. Our last few years of me getting out of the Army has been rough but I am trying my best to build our lives and make them better. But f**k my efforts right, cause I don’t have that cash now. Well, side tracked, I let her go to her mothers to where she spent a vast amount of money to get to without me in tow. I wanted to be there but again f**k me. So I let her go anyways. She threatened me that she wasn’t coming back and it made it that much difficult to be me. When she got back we spent one day of normality. The next day I asked her about rumors of her talking shit about me and my family. She of course blew it out of proportion and made it to be my fault. Then she gets on a dating website no more than less than a week of her being back and is talking to a Kevin Faragher. They met up in Pueblo mall in the parking lot where this little prick got his fingers wet. Then a couple days later met up in Castle Rock where he got his little p****r wet (she wasn’t impressed) all while I was at home watching the kids. I’ve seen all the messages, so I kind of know everything other than the cheap dirt that my soon to be ex had on a fake profile account. Which didn’t depict all the good times we had. I tried to call the sob. I tried to warn him of who she is. All you had to do was pick up that damn phone.