Cheaters Kerrie Irwin Birely Barlow

Kerrie Irwin Birely Barlow — Mitchell, Indiana

Kerrie IRWIN Kerrie IRWIN Birely Barlow — Bloomington, California. She constantly tries to get my husband to meet and sleep with her. Steals pictures of him from other people’s phones, goes through their phones to get his number… desperate as hell… she’s got a man it took my husband 8 years and her losing their kids to the welfare to finally get his divorce. Yes she left her 3 month old baby in the car to go drink in a bar chasing my husband (her husband then) wrecked the car drunk flipped the baby NOT STRAPPED IN out of his car seat with shit clean up his back to his neck.. My husband finally got away from her and she still can’t let go 8 years later… we been together 4 years married almost 3 and just the other day she texted MY phone for him. Sent him a pic of himself that she fwd to herself from a mutual friends phone. Telling him he looked “damn good”… of course he does bitch he got away from you!!! Try getting a man more your style at the local crackhouse!