Cheaters Kenneth Seaborne

Kenneth Seaborne – Georgia

This post regarding Mr. Kenneth G. Seaborne is for educational purposes (for those who are seeking to learn the truth about him). One beautiful summer day, Kenneth, came over to my place of residence for some heated passion. Kenneth and I have been sexual lovers off and on for several years, and we have never experienced any issues with a STD or any kind of infection. We have always used Trojan Magnum super large condoms. Let’s just say Mr. Lover Man is well endowed!! Okay, I’m getting off the subject here. Let me get to the point…. Kenneth performed oral sex on me, and it felt pleasurable like it always did. I have never had complaints with him in the sexual arena. However until that morning after, when my v***** was painfully inflamed with discharged coming out of it. These symptoms did not come from penetrated sex. REMEMBER I stated earlier, we had protected sex using the same brand of condoms we used for years. This was not a case of an allergic reaction. Instead, this was a case of a bacterial infectious tongue. Ironically, the same area where his saliva was – was the same area in question. My v***** was responding to his oral caresses but in a very negative way!!! So, I made a visit to my gynecologist, and I be damned, if he didn’t infect my Goods with his unclean sexual deeds. He gave me the worst vaginal infection that I ever had. This was no common yeast or bacterial infection. I was in so much agony that I literally had tears in my eyes. My feminine lips (down there) was SWOLLEN AND BLAZING RED (I even felt heat (down there) from the inflammation). Ladies, be smart with your health and please use a dental dam when receiving oral sex. And Never-Ever have sex with anyone who claims to be allergic to condoms. They are full of sh*t, and if they are telling the truth about being allergic there are latex- free condoms on the market to buy. It’s the latex they are allergic to and not the condoms itself they just don’t want to use them…. these kind of hazardous people stay away from.