California Kendra L Sanders Brown

Kendra L Sanders Brown – California

She Had a 5mth affair with my best friend’s husband. They both are stationed in TX. That’s right, more young minded army whores! And my friend’s husband wasn’t her 1st go around! Her instructor was the 1st!
My friend’s husband and Kendra were both found guilty of the affair by army regulations. I did some research and spoke with the ex wife of victim#1. She faked prego with him too! ( Her 1st victim:
Because of the stress she and my friend’s husband’s caused, my friend had a miscarriage. But this didn’t stop them! They continued on. Even at fellow soldier’s homes! One was her friend and the other was a guy he tricked. Lied and said his wife was coming over but it was Kendra. The guy told my friend the whole story and apologized but he believed it was her in the other room.