California Ken Gora

Ken Gora – San Diego, California

Fake Producer (yep, another one) Ken Gora trolls Hollywood and San Diego with stolen project ideas, steals money and secretly is trying to date the pretty girls he’s casting for the projects (and not pay them). I worked with him recently and when he got close to me he talked alot about anal sex. Then stared at me, then stalks me now. This man is crazy. He wanted me to do some illegal activities with him and I barely got away but he’s a raging psycho. And i’m being nice. Do not have sex with this infest. DO not give him money, the projects aren’t his. One of the photos’ the idiot on the far right is Marty Fallor, another HUGE FAKE in Hollywood. These guys are just trying to get around girls and smell their hair and secretly trying to do adult projects.