Arizona Ken Deets

Ken Deets – Tucson, Arizona

Kenneth Deets Jr Of Tucson 5-9-77 (Owned Deets Ink in Tucson, Worked at Sacred Art, Enchanted Dragon & Currently at Devine Tattoo) Ken is a manipulator sociopathic compulsive lying abusive deadbeat. Let’s get the facts straight here: 1) He just recently went through his TENTH divorce. And already engaged again. Some marriages overlap. He is mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive. 2) He has EIGHT children. None of us mothers kept him from his children. He chose to walk away. He doesn’t pay a dime for them. 3) He claims these children aren’t his, yet he has signed over rights on two of them and has signed the birth certificates on all eight who he made sure took his last name. He never questioned paternity on any of these kids until his dirty laundry started being aired out. Court records and messages prove he acknowledged he was their father until sh1t hit the fan and his lies were made for all to see. He even requested visitation for these children. But, only after he thought he was going to have to pay child support. Even then he doesn’t interact with them his mother and father whom he lives with takes care of the children. 4) He is a scam artist. He steals other tattoo artists tattoos and post their pictures as his own. Also easily proven with a reverse Google image search. He uses people to get what he wants. 5) He has had several failed tattoo shops, all of which were opened by conning people out of money. Like the 60,000 he borrowed from a client and color mes up with excuse after excusa as to why he can’t make his payments. 6) He cares only about himself, if it doesn’t benefit him he has nothing to do with it. 7) He is a sexual predator and addict. He may not be a child molestor but has pedophilia tendencies. He cannot change his daughters diapers without being weirded out. Two of his daughters have been sexually molested while in his care. ? At 41, he likes to prey on underage girls, barely legal, or half his age girls. (Like his daughters age) Easier to manipulate and control. He preys on the damaged souls. 9) He makes up stories to try and make himself look like the victim. Ten ex wives and he claims we are all are slores, cheated, are drug addicts and crazy, yet we all have sole custody of our children. But he’s the perfect one. He claims to be on meds himself but yet never goes to appointments. 10) He can not care for his children physically mentally or even emotionally. He is in denial about his own issues and blames everyone else! 11) IF HIS MOUTH IS MOVING, HE IS LYING. Everything he says can be proven false with court records, his own messages and actions. Lastly, he is a cop calling punk. He will be violent and when we defend ourselves, he calls the cops and plays victim. I just want to get this out there for people to see the truth in the lies! Summary of Kenneth Edwin Deets jr: Sociopath, Narcissist, Lying, Self Centered, Manipulative, conniving Fake. Tattoos look amazing freshly done but end up either infected, blotchy, or blahh. Not worth the money. Doesn’t design his own work steals from others. The biggest one-upper alive! Doesn’t care about anything you say he will cut you off or instantly start a story or comment bigger and better than yours. Doesn’t care how you feel as long as he is happy. Says one thing and does another. Thinks he is entitled to everything. Most of all he Can’t be trusted! *** To his recent fiancé, Beware hope you make it through the chaos of Mr. Kenneth Edwin Deets Jr.*** To his future prey and victims, RUN…***