Cheaters Kelsey Rodenbaugh

Kelsey Rodenbaugh — Tampa, Florida

She pursued my spouse while I got on maternal leave. They screwed around for a month prior to I learnt. I called as well as bitched her out and also informed my other half to determine if he desired his family members or the wh #re. She informed him that she was expectant and after that she “miscarried”. She regularly sent out unpleasant photos and also horrible messages. Their event took place for an additional month prior to he found he had not been the only male she was screwing. He left her as well as came creeping back. She did wind up expectant “once again”however the father is unidentified due to the fact that she is such a slut. Fate is kicking her butt with her present target having actually left her as soon as learning the infant had not been his and also her mommy obtaining cancer cells (she’s a sl #t also). Additionally her pet dog passed away and also I wish she gets back at much more fate tearing her a brand-new one. She currently stays in Ohio so watch out!