Cheaters Kelsey Nicole Kirk

Kelsey Nicole Kirk — Cedar Rapids, Iowa

This “lovely” girl Kelsey Nicole Kirk knew the wife was 8mos pregnant and was totally fine with sleeping with her husband while she was at home taking care of his other 2 kids. She is something else let me tell you. Kelsey and (we will call the husband Toolbox) Toolbox began screwing around while the wife (we will call her Hopeful) Hopeful was 7mos pregnant with Toolbox’s kid. Hopeful and Toolbox had been married for 5+ years at the time, had a previous child together and Toolbox had a child from a previous relationship. So Toolbox gets caught and Hopeful throws him out. Skip forward a bit and Hopeful is under a TON of stress OBVIOUSLY. She starts having contractions and ends up at the hospital, Toolbox takes their other child and watches it while Hopeful is at the hospital. Hopeful is there for a while but is eventually sent home. She goes to pick up their child from toolbox and Kelsey is there hiding in the other room. What kind of a woman is okay with their screw of the month having a pregnant wife?!?!? AND having the balls to be anywhere near her child. Skip forward again Kelsey is watching and playing with Toolbox’s kids as if she is their daddies new wife. This goes on for a month at least Kelsey is constantly harassing and having her friends harass Hopeful any chance she can all while Toolbox is living with her and Hopeful is living with her mom trying to pay the bills Toolbox left her with. Kelsey and toolbox break up eventually and she is a crazy stalker! Not just stalking Toolbox but also Hopeful. Asking questions about them, stalking social media accounts and showing up at places they regularly go to. There is so much more to this story and Toolbox is just as much to blame.