Cheaters Kelly Scott

Kelly Scott — Peru, Indiana

This schemer likes to get into men’s heads and mess with them. Oh she’s good. Met my husband in a bar while he was relaxing after training. The usual flirting, pulling him to the dance floor while he was way to drunk. She even put her number in his phone. Of course he isn’t innocent. She then started texting him in the morning while he was training “good morning hun, how’s it going”. Then made plans for drinks. After a few days bar drinking . Him being too drunk he was at her house from around 11 till 5 am. Apparently they talked and drank a lot. He said he had kids, wife. On the verge of passing out she sat next to him rubbing his dick. Then slid down and undid his fly. (removed) ..he actually had a moment where in his drunken stooper remembered he was married said he can’t. Then she whispered “anal isn’t cheating”. This pathetic piece of garbage then slid down (removed) and finished him off. He told me everything. She kept texting begging for more…till I text her. Of course she swore she never knew he was married. I acted like I had no idea lol. Back door queen! Watch out ladies this bitch is 48 and a pro and loves married men.