Cheaters Kelly Payne

Kelly Payne – Colorado

Kelly Payne is a blonde, mid-40s male who works for a trucking company in Denver, CO. He is originally from Salt Lake City and has family and an adult son there. When dating Kelly, he will constantly complain that he doesn’t feel well. And of course, we as women, eagerly jump in to nurture him. The problem lies in that he’ll tell several women this story and accept nuturing from all of them. Often times in the same day. While I was dating him, I found out he was dating 3 other women as well. I was able to contact one of them. He was having unprotected sex with us both and likely all 4 of us as he is sterile and I guess he only worries about birth control. I have since been checked and ok, but I would advise anyone dating him to stay away. He is charming, handsome (a little on the heavy side but nothing obnoxious) but he is scared to be alone and surrounds himself with multiple women while telling all of us we are the only ones. Beware!