Cheaters Kelly Fox

Kelly Fox — Orlando, Florida

This old hag who calls herself “Princess” is pushing 50 and went after a much younger married father of two small kids. She knew full well he was married and has been with his wife for 10 years, but still felt the need to flirt with him and tell him if he’s not happy in his marriage (for whatever reason) then he should leave his family for her (instead of, I don’t know, talking to his wife about his problems?). Because she said she could make him happy. Filled his head with all kids of crap to seduce him over to her. Yes, he’s wrong too and is being dealt with. But this POS sorry excuse for a woman went after a man she knew was married and didn’t care about what it did to his wife and kids. All she cared about was herself and getting what she wanted. Even after his wife called her and told her to leave her husband alone. Now she’s left in the dust after he realized what a tremendous mistake he made with her old ass and begged his wife for forgiveness. She is a nasty skank and is a horrible example for her daughter, who no surprise, is a degenerate loser druggie who can’t be bothered to get up for school in the morning. She thinks she’s some cougar model because she’s a manager for Victorias Secret. Newsflash, you are no model, you have no class (Princess??? Yeah, in your dreams), you are a 47 year old SKANK and are trying to relive your younger years while going through menopause. Hahaha! Pathetic. Burn in Hell bitch.