California Kelley Kirsten Allen

Kelley Kirsten Allen — Hayfork, California

Kelly’s husband died about 3 months ago maybe four months ago around the time she gave my husband of 8 years her I want to f*** you eyes! After that he cheated on me probably told her he had ended it or I didn’t get it or I had cheated which is b******* to just justify what he had done! Any moved right into her house ridiculous makes me sick the dumb b**** whores around town everyone knows it everyone knows the look I’m talking about when I say the “I wanna F*** You Eyes”! She works at the only gas station in our town have to see her if I have to get gas this is b******* everyone should know what she is! She broke our marriage don’t get me wrong he’s at fault mostly, so we have gone to her For a loan once and she gave him those eyes right for me! It has split our family up the kids miss him dearly he hasn’t seen or talked to them but maybe once or twice and that’s only because he stopped in for 10 minutes at his mom’s house he has segregated himself from his family and friends since he’s been with her which is completely unlike him he’s rip people off that he otherwise would have respected and treated fairly no one can tell who he is anymore.