California Kellee Cooper

Kellee Cooper – California

Kellee Cooper is nothing but trash. She gets off on destroying relationships. It makes her feel good about her nasty self, to talk some loser with a girlfriend, partner, fiancé, or wife, whatever, to get into bed with her. She plays the victim like a pro, likes men to feel sorry for her and want to help her. She’s a sick twisted piece of garbage. A mother of 2 beautiful girls, has custody of neither because she’s such a waste. She uses rehab and mental institutions like her own personal vacation spas! When life gets too hard for her she fakes a suicide attempt or a booze binge and gets locked up so she doesn’t have to face day to day life. It’s not bad enough she ruined my life, destroyed the relationship with the person I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with, she also destroyed my son’s life. While I was off at work, she would come over and jump into my boyfriend’s bed. OUR BED!!! The more a girl loves a man, the more it gets her off to actually get him. She knew how much I loved this man, knew I adored him and it made it that much sweeter for her! She’s a master manipulator, knows exactly what to say, exactly what these losers want to hear, and she’s as easy as the day is long so that helps as well! I found out when I came home and told him I was pregnant. He confessed everything and begged for forgiveness. I gave him a second chance for our baby’s sake. Our son was born with major congenital birth defects due to the fact that this woman is not only a w****, but a walking STD and didn’t even have the decency to tell my husband before he slept with her! The least she could have done was have him wear a condom, she knows she’s diseased! My loser boyfriend walked not long after our son was born, he could not take the guilt or the shame of having brought a child into this world who’s everyday life is a struggle and always will be simply because his daddy couldn’t keep his parts in his pants and dipped his stick into a well of decay, disgust, and disease! Good riddance, we don’t need him anyway! Not long after he left, I ran into this w**** in the store and she actually had the balls to ask how we were doing and to say she understood how hard it was to be a single mom!