Canada KEITH HARRIS…Currently in Kelowna

KEITH HARRIS…Currently in Kelowna, BC…cheater, opportunist, and the best liar I’ve ever met!! – Canada

Journeyman plumber originally from Ontario. Calls Victoria home but has travelled to Fort Saint John, BC as well as Conklin and Fort Mac, AB to work in camps. He’s lived and worked in Victoria, and The Vancouver area. Has also been worked on cruise ships. Owns lots of toys, but had gotten them all through manipulative manners. Has burned his own family to gain his 2 dodge chargers (1 lime green and 1 black) his 2 motorbikes, and a sea-doo. Had a white blue blood bulldog named Diesel. He has physically abused some if his girlfriends. He gets what he wants by bullying. As soon as he realizes his present girlfriend is giving less, he finds a new one, tells her his last one is a crazy b****, and an excuse of why he still has to retain a relationship with her, and keeps them both strung along for as long as it takes. He tells you you’re the only one he’s never cheated on. He calls everyone ‘baby’ so he doesnt confuse your names. He claims his plate is full and he needs to finish before he can pay you any of the attention you need, but talks you into giving him backrubs on a daily basis. He uses steroids on a regular basis, coke when he sometimes sells it, and he likes MDMA so you can cater to his sexual desires. He never brings you flowers or buys you anything, but brags that he has his exes to make you think your not quite good enough yet, like your trying out for a team sport. He never show affection, especially in public. He OWES everyone money, and will spend his paycheck on his bills for his toys, and then proceed to spend yours. He likes a clean house and cars, and insists you help him so you can spend time together. Hes constantly talking about his bucket list and never consider what you want to do. He loves to dance. He doesnt believe in marriage. He has no kids, hes way to selfish and I personally think its a higher powers way of ensuring his kind never reproduces. Trust me ladies, if you decide to date this guy be prepared for a text/call from his new girlfriend in 1-2 years apologizing for being part of deceiving you, and then you will both proceed to talk and find out just how badly you were both treated. Oh ya, and he calls his second head ‘Jack’…