Cheaters Kaylynn Marie Cover

Kaylynn Marie Cover — Crawfordsville, Indiana

Kaylynn Cover girls!!! Out to destroy any marriage or man she can without so much as a thought! She knew me, knew he was married and had kids! She didn’t care and proceeded to show my husband nude pictures of herself? Talk about sex with him and other CO workers who didn’t want to hear it! She lied to my husband and told him she had diabetes and had to have insulin shots when infancy the type she claimed she had doesn’t take insulin shots!!!! GET THE STORY STRAIGHT! Then proceeds to his room at the hotel while on a business trip after allowing him to kiss her for the first time then again the second time, claims she just didn’t feel well that her insulin was down and stayed in his room. He proceeded with touching and texts permitting him to act out sexually with her and not once ever said no UNTIL he tried going down her pants!!!!! No she wants to scream false accusations that he tried forcing himself on her???? Ok??????? He asked you never said no, you went to his room and stayed the night not once BUT TWICE! He asked if he could show you what a real mans like and you said MAYBE???!!! Hmmmm.. I hope you enjoyed the taste of his kiss!!! You never knew where his mouth was before he kissed you! I DO!!!! Your a nuisance and no one around work can stand you! Filing a sexual complaint against another employee??? Not once but twice now???? Oh and how’s the shower head working out for you??? Lord knows how many men you have been with and how many STDS your carrying! You flaunt your stuff, put yourself out there, ruin marriages and then play the victim!!!! BEWARE LADIES…. ITS ALL FUN AND GAMES UNTIL YOU GET CAUGHT!!!! Lol a few pictures…. as for proof!