Canada Kayleigh Hunter

Kayleigh Hunter – Winnipeg, Canada

Kaylaigh used to be so pretty a few years ago. Ever since she became an adult she turned herself into a tranny looking freak. She literally looks like a man! I swear her current bf Steven is gay and the only reason he likes her is because she has those manly features. Shes sucked so many d1cks in the last year it’s made me wonder if those are lip injections or they’re just swollen from all that hammer her face gets. She pretends like she has money but is a broke joke. She borrows most of her clothes she wears from friends. She talks trash about all the females she hangs out with and then smiles in their face with her poufy c0ck lips. It’s too bad she didn’t stay natural instead she turned into naturally ugly. Kayleigh, wash your face……. so we know who were looking for if you go missing!