Cheaters Kayla Kilby Schnitzer Lakemont

Kayla Kilby Schnitzer Lakemont – Georgia

I know it takes 2. I know my husband carries blame in this and he has fully taken responsibility for his part but this w**** played little innocent victim and she is anything but! My husband and I had been married 18 years with 2 teenage kids and she had only been married for 5 months with a 3 month old baby when it all started. They met online and started talking. Within a few days of talking this b**** decides to start sending him nude pictures and videos of herself masturbating. It went on for 3 months and she talked him into meeting her. That’s what got them caught. I knew my husband had grown distant but we still did EVERYTHING together. When he left that night he said he was going out to eat with his dad. I knew something was off cause he didn’t ask me to go. Still not even thinking it could be someone else I logged into our cell phone account and pulled up his messages…. what did I see? A number I didn’t know and a picture of nasty b**** on the computer….yes hers! So I called the number and asked who she was and she quickly hung up on me. That told me all I needed to know….the b**** knew he was married and didn’t care! So I called her back…no answer but I said all I needed to say and then some on her voicemail. Then I called my husband and told him to get his a** home. He come home right away and I took his phone…..he messaged her and told her he was coming back home. Her response??….”I can’t take your wife leaving me nasty messages”, “I’m so heartbroken right now” and “We have to reschedule this”. My husband came home and didn’t talk to her at all the rest of the weekend and blocked her that Monday….she on the other hand messaged him more than once. That Tuesday I had a friend get me all the info I needed to contact her husband and I told him what his cheating wife has been up to the past 3 months. My sister let into her and her response was to put all the blame on my husband….all of it! So this little twit thinks she’s woman enough to have an affair with a married man but definitely not woman enough to deal with the wife or consequences of her slutty actions! I have forgiven my husband as it is out of character for him to act the way he did and for so many other reasons……but I have a feeling that a woman that will do what she did only 5 months in to her marriage and 3 months after having a baby wouldn’t have a problem doing it again.