Canada Kayla Dryden

Kayla Dryden — Vernon, Canada

This 27 year old slur had an affair with my husband. Her boyfriend was in on the entire thing. This bitch threatened me and my kids and tried to run me down in a car. Her boyfriend knew about the affair and encouraged it. They are both messed right up. My marriage wasn’t the first one the fucked up and I guarantee it will not be the last. She is also a drunk and a junkie. When my husband got his head out of his ass and we decided to reconcile she started stalking him. She is bat shit crazy and her boyfriend….well what do you think. How do you sit by and encourage your girlfriend to have an affair with s married man…we weren’t even married 2 weeks at it started. He hit the booze hard with her in tow. He is now almost 1 year clean and sober and we go to councelling. Have I forgiven him….hell no…but we are trying to work things out. Pretty sad when I have to leave my home town so I don’t run into this 2 bit whore. She’s a mechanic at Vernon Toyota…keep your men away from her. I’m sure she’s probably sleeping with someone she works with because its what she does. It how she met my husband and gave him the sob story her boyfriend beat her…to get sympathy. Everything she says and does is a lie.