Arizona Katie Sullivan

Katie Sullivan — Scottsdale, Arizona

This was the love of my life the woman I wanted to have my kids but when we were just best friends years ago and she got knocked up by her ex again and decided to tell me that she wanted to be with me because she didn’t want to be pregnant alone I now see I was dumb enough to believe that bullsh1t and we were together for two plus years towards the end there she gets a new job in Scottsdale think she’s the fuking sh1t and cheats on me four months while living with me in my mother’s home while I would take care of the two boys that I raised since they were two and three years old they call me dad yeah I’d be at home watching quote on quote our kids while she’s not answering her phone after work and not coming home all night and giving me lame-a55 excuses like I fell asleep at my desk this woman lied to me for so long manipulated me word salad fuking silent treatment all of the good shape she’s the biggest disappointment that I’ve ever came across in my life I thought she was my very best friend but really she’s just a harlot that sheeting disloyal non Integrity having baby maker because guess what she’s now knocked up by the guy she was cheating on me with and has the balls to tell me that the reason our relationship fell apart was cuz of the way I talk to her narcissist 101 watch out for her she’s good man stay away she will with ease love bomb u. Fuk u. Let her knock her up then on to the next idiot who can supply her narcassistic fuel.. it literally hurts me saying all this cuz that’s how close she was to me but the end of the day she’s a bad person and deserves this and so much worse good luck to you Katie Marie youll fuking need it