California Katie Greenleaf

Katie Greenleaf — San Diego, California

This girl here is a piece of work. Shes 23 and her own family hasnt wanted her since she was younger than 16. She treats her own mother like trash and pops up only when she needs someone and no one else is there. She trashes her mother and lies about anything she can to explain the sh1tty person she is. She plays victim and does the same things over and over again to people and burns bridge after bridge. She claims shes been raped, pimped, beaten, drugged, etc. She claims she loves her ex ssoooo much and hasnt slept with anyone since him but also claims she got hoed out, she does pepsi and turns tricks just to pay her phone bill. She fuks over familys who welcomed her into their home and leaves in the middle of the night ((not once not twice but three times)) shes 23 and never even driven a car a single time all shes good for is a fast food industry minimum wage job. She talks a gang of sh1t then cant face the people after. Nothing but a scam artist in the making. Shes had threeways then claimed rape. House hops off other peoples dollar and dime and then cries victim when she has to contribute and leaves thinking theres no consequences. Shes claimed clean then asked her ex best friends mom for meetings claiming its for drinking,yet still drinks but we all know shes really going ‘skiing’ each weekend. If only cabbage patch was looking for a real life model. Honestly i just hope and prey this pops up under her name for when shes trying to upgrade from mickey ds to jack in the box.