Cheaters Katie Corbett

Katie Corbett — Dunedin, Florida

At one time this women and her family were homeless. So out of the kindness of my family’s heart we took them and there 2 kids into our house. As tome went on she found out that her husband was seeing guy’s behind her back. After she found out about the late night out with the boys ( which was sexual) she tried to move in on me. After I told her no she was not a happy person. She was not happy that her husband was sleeping with guys and only making 300 dollars a week where he could not support his own family. She wanted more then that. Im sorry but im a married man with a great wife, and four amazing kids. There is nothing that would make me lose all of that. Plus not to be mean but I like to have a wife that can look down and see her feet. They stayed with us for 2 months and she showered 1 time. That is just down right nasty. When she walked passed me the smell of her would turn my stomach. Now she is mad because I dont want anything to do with her so now she is trying to ruin my marrige and my family. Next time make sure you dont marry a homo that make shit money. So if you run into this girl be careful she will do anything to get in your pants , and your wallet.