Cheaters Katie And Luke Flannegan

Katie And Luke Flannegan — Spencer, Iowa

Katie and Luke Flannegan are a married couple from the Spencer, Iowa area. They like to prey on weak and vulnerable people to get what they want, which is to completely take advantage of them for their own selfish needs. Katie likes to lure vulnerable men into her home by telling them that she needs something and once she has them in there, will try to convince them to have a 3-some with her and her husband. The issue with this is that her husband never shows up. It’s just a ploy so she can get some action AND HER HUSBAND IS OKAY WITH IT BECAUSE HE DOES THE SAME THING TO FEMALES. Now, not only is this terrible on it’s own, but they don’t care if you’re married, single, in a relationship, they’ll get you under the influence and seduce you. I wonder what their three children would think about this?…