Cheaters Kathy Dimino Maui Complex Area Superintendent

Kathy Dimino Maui Complex Area Superintendent – Hawaii

Kathy Dimino nicknamed ‘Meano Dimino’ Is the worlds biggest b****. I have heard from countless teachers that worked under her that she is an abusive psychopath who scowls like a satanic witch with a broomstick up her a**. She screams and yells all day long. Perhaps it’s beacuse she hasn’t gotten laid in years! Kathy Dimino is unliked in the Maui community by Parents from Pukalani and surrounding areas. She’s a dictator who’s dumber than a box of rocks but seeing that it’s Hawaii and a state job you can get away with that! She wouldn’t hack it on the mainland! News flash Kathy ‘Dumbino’ Hawaii DOE is the worst in the nation! Your a dumb haole clown running a circus. She fucks large local men producing giant fat daughters the spawn of Satan