Alabama Kathryn C

Kathryn C – Alabama

Kathryn is a liar.. After a year and half of doing and doing for this 46 year old drunken girl.. Vacations to Napa Valley and Tahoe San Francisco, Playing Mr Fixit, Maintenance man, for her at her house, Dog sitting for free while she went to Rehab.. she quite possibly has given me herpes and refuses to submit to an STD test..She has been caught in many lies repeatedly about being with other men rather than where she said was.. At home with her kid. and given many chances to redeem herself.. always to be caught in more lies and or bolting when needing to tell truths. When confronted in the end.. her response was ‘so.. I lie.. deal with it.’ of course this is after she has swindled me for months for dinners and drinks ( she is an alcoholic in denial through and through). Our last encounter which included sex and her picking up her things in my posession. She bragged of all the men she had in her stable as if they were live stock.. and stated I was her number one stallion, trying to keep me around to use me stating that she wasnt having sex with any of these other men how she would only have sex with and go to dinner with these other guys… This coming from someone who proclaimed herself as a food w****.. ‘All you have to do is buy me a nice dinner and I’ll sleep with you, I’m a food W****’.