California Kathleen Wallis

Kathleen Wallis (Kathleen Nesbit) & Alex Olazabal — Livermore, California

First off just so you know, this whole story stims from money. The husband goes off to NTC where he takes $1,000 out of his own money but as soon as he does his wife without letting him know drains the rest of his funds. He changes banks in response of this, she gets upset and demands to be on the new bank account. He denies to put her on until they work out there differences, she reluctantly agrees. Time goes by they get better and the husband buys them a truck but himself as the main owner just in case things goes out of hand. He leaves to deploy to Middle east. She starts demanding to be on the bank account. The husband is still hesitant to do so which leads to problems coming back. She knows how much he loves their child and starts using the child as means to get money. At this time the father already buys the child stuff and her stuff and makes sure they are okay. The mother demands he pays child support without court order and while they are still married. He agrees and gives her $450/ monthly from December to July. During this time she makes it hard facetiming with his child, only letting him talk for a few minutes. She agrees though to allow him take the child to Disneyland when he comes back. He returns from deployment in July and text his wife to make sure everything is good and let her know when he’ll be coming out to California where she left to when he deployed. She starts saying no not till he signs divorce papers, and he responds with I want to see my child first. She says no not till papers are signed. He flies from Tx to San Diego, take a greyhound bus to Oxnard, Ca and then drives all the way to Livermore, Ca where the child and mother are to see his child. He has police with him just in case she denies but police say he can’t force her cause there is no case order. Police knock on door and the new guy Alex opens the door to which he refused to let the father see his wife or child. To sum it up pretty much, Kathleen drained her husbands bank account took his truck and his son and left him for a different guy while he was deployed to Syria. She refuses to let him be apart of his son’s life. This new guy who’s name is Alex Olazabal she tries to manipulate her son into believing is his father. its been nearly a year since the actual father has seen his kid. The picture is of Kathleen and the new guy Alex. The father is currently fighting for custody of his child and the truck.