California Katarina Marie Nelson

Katarina Marie Nelson — San Diego, California

This girl was with a man for 2 months that she knew was with already with someone else for 3 years and who he was trying to have a baby with. Then when confronted acted like a victim and like she didn’t know he was with someone else and like she was the one who was getting cheated on… lol she would drop him off at the home he shared with his fiance and step son and sent emails asking if it was okay to talk because she didn’t know if I was around… but she was the victim. OKAY. Afterwards she begged him not to leave her while telling his fiance how sorry she was and how she was also just a victim of his cheating.. She was well aware of what was happening but acts oblivious. She mentioned this was the second time it happened to her… She dates unavailable men then cries when they don’t leave their previous relationships for her. Lol why would someone leave a relationship with a beautiful loyal women to be with an attention seeking whore… not even half a year after this incident she’s pregnant with another man who also doesn’t want to be with her… I wonder why?? Hmmm. Better keep your men away from this one she has no standards and im assuming her legs just fall wide open the second she smells a penis at this point. She’s a server at bars in the chula vista /eastlake areas so I suggest you don’t send your men there alone…