Canada Karleigh Demi

Karleigh Demi — Winnipeg, Canada

This here is Karleigh demi the biggest thief , biggest lying back stabber of a “friend” one could have. Its no wonder people always turn their backs on you. You talk sh!t to everyone about everyone, and guess what ? It gets back to everyone you call a “friend” no one likes you anymore, you do dr*gs , u cry to everyone cause brad legit hates you, makes you cry everyday, and talks huge poop about you. Its terrible what you do to men to try and keep them around… Stop being the fakest person, and maybe just maybe people would be there for you. But you’ve lost literally everyone because your a fat childish drama queen. Chill out on the filters you look like a alien. Your not pretty. You look nothing like your pictures. Your almost like an online scam ? Stop stealing and selling shit on fb and kijiji to support your issues. Your a booster stealing an selling sh1t. You should Look after your kids. Stay in your lane, stop messaging guys on fb behind your “BFs” back, and maybe things will look up for you. Until then let’s hope this is a reality check /wake up call for you to be a decent woman/mother/ and gf (poor brad).