Canada Karina Whittlee

Karina Whittlee — Toronto, Canada

The gossip today is about an old woman named Karina who’s a professional hairstylist and escort. She’s one who’s willing to do anything for a few extra bucks and that includes pimping her own daughter who’s only 16 and attempting to get her hooked on drugs. She lives at 33 Davisville and posts on bp. She consistently flops on clients and people who offer her aid so she can work at the hair salon and have sex with the ones she likes for her money, she considers herself to be a full submissive that will do anything to please which includes getting pissed on and degraded with or without her child, she brings up her child in the majority of her conversation with clients and even sends nudes! To people she has never met. These are just mere facts people not bullsh*t. Now tell me would you want someone like that living in your neighbourhood without consequence?