Canada Karen Rooprai

Karen Rooprai – Calgary, Canada

you’ll love this!! This Punjabi chick Karen Rooprai got married this weekend, I was at the wedding reception as a plus one of one of the guests and LOOK who I find on Seeking Arrangements advertising herself as a p4p looking for a SUGAR DADDY!! I wonder if her new hubby knows that her sugar baby seeking ad says she’s good at juggling balls!! Check her profile! If only I caught this before the wedding, Ken wouldn’t be stuck with a dirty wannabe p4p!!!!!! Shame on this desi chick.. what an embarrassment to the Indian community! She tried to use an alias name like her old Instagram name @kaer00ps to hide her disgusting escort life.. Greedy b1tch #kenandhisBEIZATI2018 Nik please add all 5 pics so everyone can see the sugar daddy site screenshots because you have to be a member to see it, thanks ?