Cheaters Ka’ohuleilani Abad

Ka’ohuleilani Abad — Waikoloa, Hawaii

My husband went to AIT Army training where he meet this whore. She said she couldn’t sleep at night because she was rapped and had nightmares and needed someone to talk to. They became “friends” and soon after she kissed him. She sent him photos, letter, videos and more over the next 2 1/2 years finally coming out here this year to meet up with him, bring a condom and ask hi to fuck her in his truck where she could see my daughters child seat in the back while she rode him. I am currently 3 months pregnant with his son now, found out the day after my birthday. Talked to her boyfriend and apparently its not her first time cheating, a whore is a whore. She will do it again and again and again, watch out ladies!