Cheaters Kamalbir Walia of Twickenham

Kamalbir Walia of Twickenham – England

Do not ever go close to Kamalbir Walia of Twickenham. We dated for two years. During the initial months into the relationship he was still seeing his ex.I was clueless till when she contacted me via linkedn to tell me about it. Kam denied and called her a ‘desperate b****’ Then in 2014,I had another woman sending me a text to warn me about how my bf is cheating on me. I was so naïve that I chose to believe my bf. This time he called her a ‘fat b****’ I was so trusting and fell in love with him. Two months ago I started hinting that I wanted something more serious and wanted to talk about the future. He was evasive. He said to me he was not ready and even gave a lame excuse ‘ you don’t have net curtains at yours, so you don’t listen to me’ I was devastated till after doing my research I found out he was now sleeping with a Brazilian girl.