Canada Kalene Halldorson

Kalene Halldorson — Kelowna, Canada

I’m honestly surprised she isnt up here yet. This chick has been going around any guy who’s dating, married or has a family. She gets off on having guys she cant have. A quote from her “iwant what I cant have”. If your taken and have a half gram of Pepsi she’ll be all over you like white on rice. Shes currently dating a man who was married for like 10 years. He left his wife to be with her. Funny thing is she says shes in love but still hits on guys when she gets drunk. Hunny… that ain’t love. So ladies keep an eye on your man when this sloot is around. I cant count the number of relationships she has ruined she’ll pretend to be your friend but in secret is trying to get with your man.