California Kaitlin Eva Burbank

Kaitlin Eva Burbank — San Diego, California

This person is in the later stages of transitioning and has been involved with a co-worker by the name of R.B_y_c_ and he too works at Sharp. During this time, this husband was working on many things with his family and never thought twice about the destruction he and she were imposing on his son and wife. Although, this man now known as, “Kaitlin Eva Burbank” knew R.B_y_c_ was married for more than 12 years he still pursued a married man. Now that everyone knows Kaitlin was once a man, the fantasy of being with another man has been feed for R.B_y_c_ hopefully he can see the damage he has caused his family that never left him during his darkest days. We all need to remember that those that cause this kind of pain end up being in the same pain when all is said and done. This one thought will be the icing on the cake for the wife and son. I hope that the family is able to erase R.B_y_c_ out of their lives. Im sure had the wife knew R.B_Y_C_ was into MEN they would never have married.

Not to mention, now this poor excuse for a DAD/husband careless for his son and wife- there is no way anyone can see him as a “FATHER”…. if a transgender person is more important than his own family, then so be it. Unfortunately, his son wants nothing to do with his lies. RB has caused his family so many years of depression, anxiety, sadness, and mental abuse that taking him from the family has actually helped regain the family union for both the son and wife. Now that everyone knows this person was a man and is now known as Kaitlin Eva Burbank the whole hospital is now happy that R.B_y_c_ is no longer with his wife and son to cause more damage.

Not to mention Kaitlin Eva Burbank has already got a record based on “it’s” problem with alcohol and drugs. Kaitlin Eva Burbank….”Kaitlin” really! Good grief another…. Kaitlin? He could have chosen something more creative than Kaitlin Eva Burbank. Why copy BRUCE JENNER in his journey of transitioning…. by calling yourself Kaitlin. Too bad RB is more than 20 years older than Kaitlin Eva Burbank- that alone tell you a lot about the mind of a person who is damage beyond repair. Hopefully they both can get their heads right- stop using everyone and everything to better their futures in a healthy way.