Canada Kaila Leigh

Kaila Leigh – Regina, Canada

This girl is sooooo trashy! She’s a wanna be gangster and thinks she can fight, she claims to sell meth but really she just does it all and rips everyone off. She’s running out of friends because she’s banging everyone’s boyfriends and last I heard she has a smelly tuna box! Ew. She did federal time at an aboriginal healing lodge (she’s white) because she was scared to go to an actual jail because so many girls wanted to punch her out lol! I truly feel bad for this girl her before and after photos of meth is crazy ! You should just stay with your baby dad terry! He’s a nice guy and has big one lol what more could you want , and atleast then you’ll be able to see your son ! Anyway kaila you need to sober up! How much more skinny can you get? Smh