California Kaetlin Lorah

Kaetlin Lorah – California

I am writing this about a 26 year old woman who is not only a serial dater and a cheater, but a constant liar. Her name is Kaetlin Lorah. That is her birth name, She may go on by her “ex’s” last name, Fredieu. Anyone who come across her should be wary and do not get to close or comfortable with her. She has bright blue eyes, deaf in one ear, dyes her hair either red or blonde (the same shade as Elsa from Frozen) and complains about her back. That last one was not an innuendo she has a bad back. But that is not the nature of this report. She is a constant and compulsive liar. Especially when her “ex” comes up. I keep using the word ex in quotation marks because not only did she cheat, but it is with the same person who supposedly broke her heart. She will pull crocodile tears, lies, try to use the fact that she was adopted against anyone. And even then I have doubt about this. It was roughly a year ago on my birthday no less that I found out she was cheating on me. And the funny thing about it was that she tried to threaten me. Now while the possibility of her coming from a broken home and a bad relationship is evident, that does not change the fact that she is an adult and must take initiative in making her life better. However I have come to realized that she may also love to play the victim. So anyone who tries to look up Kaetlin/kate Lorah/Fredieu or find the username Emogirl24 messaging them. Do not trust her. She lives in North California most likely around Maryville