Canada Kabir Larson

Kabir Larson – Calgary, Canada

Kabir Larson he is one of Abby/Missions biggest douche bag. He thinks he’s the hottest thing to walk around and that all the ladies want him. Im really surprised he’s not up here already. No one has anything good to say about him. He try’s to show off with the fancy car nice place but he’s the cheapest mother f*cker around and in debt. Buy so many drinks and when its time for the bill expects everyone else to pay. His parents give him everything and drives around like he’s hot sh1t on their dime. I know his gf and don’t know what she sees in him and I know he messages other girls. Every girl I know thats been around this goof all say he trys to get it in on the first night promising to buy them this and that. He took steroids once but just got fat and acne. He thinks he’s some big time gangster but he aint nothing but small fries. He’s a desperate loser that needs to buy his friends love. He’s as dirty as they come.I feel sorry for anyones who’s friends with this loser hope he doesn’t try to take all your money. What do you think nik? I think it’s about time everyone knew what a loser wannabe this guy is. Nik let everyone know how dirty this guy is