Cheaters Justine Burke

Justine Burke – Florida

Justine Burke from Tampa, Fl is not to be trusted. In November of 2013, her than boyfriend accidentally discovered medical paperwork proving she was HIV positive. The date of the document was from May 2013, showing him that she was hiding her illness the entire time. It was explained that she contracted the virus during her countless sexual escapades from meeting men off of Craigslist Ad’s created by her. If anyone responded to her ad’s from 2012-2013, it is advised you get checked immediately. This is not to intentionally defame Justine, but to allow the public to realize the damage she may have caused.

Canada Justine Burke

Justine Burke – Canada

The bottle said Stribild and had Justine Burke on the lable. I had no idea what this was, but than I truly knew something was wrong. I had never heard of such a pill, so I decided to see what was in the envelope below where the bottle was sitting on top of. I slowly opened up this large folded paper and what I saw would level me below the ground I stand on. Justine was diagnosed with having HIV and the date on the paperwork was June 2013. This crazy b**** had HIV and was putting me at risk and god knows who else. That story is coming, but Justine Burke, the woman I trusted with my life was now trying to kill me and that in itself brings us all to a new development.