California Justine Alyssa Anderson

Justine Alyssa Anderson – San Diego, California

There’s very few times in my life where I’ve fully wished I never had met someone. Generally you can find one good quality about someone. I hate to put anyone on blast. I’d hate that sh1t. If I don’t though, who knows who else she’ll gift with her lovely DRDs. Not to mention the raging opiate problem she screws, sucks, and fuks for. Her pupils are always so dialated and shes half passed out slurring words, it looks like she has a mad staph infection under the pound of cake she puts on her face. She looks nothing like her facebook pictures. Shes about 50lbs heavier and ugly would be a compliment. Her and her gay a55 boyfriend are the biggest jokes in SD. They’re in an “open relationship” more like his a55 is open for her to get more drugs. No one can stand her. She dresses like its myspace 2008. She’s a known snitch and informant, that’s how she gets away with all her messy sh1t. She’s not bright at all, you dont want be a narc especially in SD. A few of us tried befriending her at first but like I said she’s trashy drug addict snitching slore. I think it’s time you pack up and head back. You’re not going to make it much longer out here, people don’t like what you did. With this kind of weather too, aren’t you afraid your face will melt off and expose what lies beneath? Yikes. You’re one scary b1tch inside and out. Have fun with your little homo. ‘