Canada Justin Halliday

Justin Halliday – Canada

I just wasted two years of my life with a man who said all the pretty little things that any girl wants to hear. “I love you”, ” I will never leave you”, “one day when we are married, we will have so many kids”. He is a liar. He is in the military and travels alot, and has the opportunity to cheat. Before his most recent trip, he had me pay for a small trip together to Banff with the promise that he would pay me back. however when he left to go on course, he broke up with me and immediately started seeing another girl. When I asked him to pay me back for the trip, he proceded to begin asking me when I was gonna pay him back for various little things that he had said didn’t require me to before. Justin is a greedy, immature and a liar and a cheater. He needs to be put in his place.